The cover of one of my favourite albums British Sax player Tubby Hayes

  • A Jazzy Guide to the Start of the Week
    Hi everyone, this a bit of precursor to my usual weekly round up, I have done this because there is a bit of a special event taking place. Sunday 13th June Ace reedsman Adrian Cox is marking 50, yes 50!, Sunday Services. To mark this milestone Adrian’s sermon will be looking at the Music ofContinue reading “A Jazzy Guide to the Start of the Week”
  • Fibbing Friday 11th june
    It is Friday nowhere near five to five, so instead of Crackerjack it is Fibbing Friday. Frank is the host this week: What TV show was the first “reality” TV show? It was a British Show called Panorama and it followed an African tribe as they gathered in the Spaghetti harvest. What is the premiseContinue reading “Fibbing Friday 11th june”
  • Fandango’s Provocative Question
    What three wishes would you ask the genie to grant you? An interesting question which is more complex than it might appear at first, particularly if you are familiar with the Story of the Monkey’s Paw. The secret to getting your wishes would be to ask in a very specific and direct way to avoidContinue reading “Fandango’s Provocative Question”
  • Truthful Tuesday
    Our Man Frank is once again asking us a question that needs to be answered truthfully. Doctor and dental offices are notorious for not getting to you at your scheduled appointment time. In such situations, how patient are you when it comes to waiting? Medical centres and the like I have plenty of patience forContinue reading “Truthful Tuesday”
  • TMP: Treading the Boards
    Welcome to my refreshed Monday Peeve! Unburden yourself of an annoyance and you’ll feel better afterward. Or not. Complain in my comments or crab in your own post. Doesn’t have to be on a Monday. You do you. In a slight sense of solidarity with Mrs A, my peeve today is stage related. Recently myContinue reading “TMP: Treading the Boards”
  • This Week in Jazz, both on stage and streaming
    Welcome to my weekly guide to some of the Jazz taking place both online through streaming, and back in clubs. Tuesday 8th June Head over to the Spotted Dog in Birmingham for their weekly Jazz at the Spotted Dog concert. This week the band is Forj, lead by Birmingham’s own Jonathan Silk this band promisesContinue reading “This Week in Jazz, both on stage and streaming”
  • Share Your World 7th June 2021
    What’s the worst commercial you’ve recently seen (or heard)? Why was it so bad? This springs to mind: Even being single figure age, I have wanted to beat those rude kids to a bloody pulp with a bag of frozen chips. What takes a lot of time but is totally worth it? Making your own cheesecake HaveContinue reading “Share Your World 7th June 2021”
  • A Much Belated Song Lyric Sunday
    Due to my trade and last Sunday being a roasting hot Bank Holiday here in Blighty, I was unable to do the day’s song lyric Sunday challenge, so here it is a week late. Our man Jim hosts the challenge, so click here to familiarise yourself with the rules. The theme is State/County/Country/City/Town, and IContinue reading “A Much Belated Song Lyric Sunday”
  • The Old Shed
    When I was growing up, buried in the trees of the Town Park was a dilapidated old shed, a relic of the once rural history of the local area before the development of the new town, filled with bric-a-brac and clutter of yesteryear. Many a day, my friends and I would play endless games inContinue reading “The Old Shed”
  • Fibbing Friday
    It is time to portray some porkies Complete the following popular proverbs or sayings in your own personal style please! 1. A stitch in time saves…… the Timelords2. Too many cooks………… have never been in a restaurant 3. Many hands make……… a lot of fingers 4. A bird in the hand … is a terribleContinue reading “Fibbing Friday”

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